Our Team

Justin (1)

Tavern United For Nachoes
Joe Beeverz or Tavern United
Old Fashioned
Date Night Dinner?
Hanging with the Guys/Girls?
Fave Cocktail?
Date Night….what’s that???
Anywhere kid free!
Grey Gooose, water, lime wedge, tall glass
My Dad, his involvement and dedication to his community is inspiring
Anywhere no one can see me!
Real Life Hero?

Fav Brandon Dance spot?
Oh man, so many! I’m fortunate to be surrounded by amazing mompreneurs & business women
My kitchen, I’ve got some sick moves, just ask Ryan


Date Night Dinner? The Keg….cliché
Hanging with the Guys? Tavern United
Fav Cocktail? Silver Spiced Rum & Coke, Splash of Soda
Real Life Hero? I don’t think I could narrow it down to just a single person!
Fav Brandon Dance Spot? I’m no dancer, but Brittany would say in the kitchen while cooking

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